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Savings Accounts & CDs

Whether you're putting away money for a special purchase, building personal wealth, or saving for an unexpected expense, Cross Keys Bank offers a variety of savings options to help you reach your short and long-term financial goals. 

Everyday Savings Account

You can make deposits at any time, and you always have immediate access to your funds.
This interest earning account is an excellent way to start building your savings, whether you have a specific goal in mind or are simply saving for a rainy day.
  • $50 Minimum Opening Deposit
  • $5 Monthly Service Charge Waived on Balances of $100 and over
  • No Service Charge for Minors
  • Unlimited Online Banking
  • e-Statements
  • Direct Deposit Available
  • Interest Compounded Daily and Paid Monthly
  • FDIC Insured

A minimum balance of $100.00 must be maintained during the entire cycle in order to avoid the $5.00 monthly service charge. 

Kasasa® Saver

Earn high dividends and link it to Kasasa Cash® for easy savings.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

Save for future medical expenses with a Health Savings Account (HSA).

Use this dedicated savings account to take care of approved medical expenses. The funds you set aside earn interest until you need them and you can access them easily with an HSA debit card. Consult with a tax specialist to learn more about the potential tax benefits of a Health Savings Account.

  • $50 Minimum Opening Deposit
  • Spend Funds on any approved medical expense
  • HSA Debit Card
  • Unlimited Online Banking
  • e-Statements
  • Direct Deposit Available
  • Interest Compounded Daily and Paid Monthly
  • Possible Tax Benefits*
  • FDIC Insured

*Consult a tax professional.

Qualified Medical Expenses

You can use your HSA to pay for qualified medical expenses for you, your spouse, and your dependents. 

Examples of Qualified Medical Expenses

IRS Publication 969 explains that qualified medical expenses are those that would generally qualify for the medical and dental expenses deduction, as listed in IRA Publication 502. Examples are:

  • Doctors office visits (non-preventative care)
  • Dental care and braces
  • Eyeglasses, contacts, and LASIK surgery
  • Prescription medications
  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic services
  • Hearing aids (including batteries)
  • Long-term care medical expenses and insurance premiums
  • Stop-smoking premiums
  • Physical therapy
  • Psychiatric care
  • Psychological counseling
  • Nursing home care
Examples of Non-qualified Medical Expenses

If you use your HSA to pay for non-qualified expenses, you'll have to pay income taxes on those funds. You will also be assessed a 20% penalty. The following are examples:

  • Over-the-counter drugs (unless prescribed by a doctor)
  • Premiums (in most situations; see exceptions below)
  • Advance payment for future medical care
  • Amounts reimbursed from another source, such as a health plan or FSA Cosmetic surgery (unless due to trauma or disease)
  • Child care for a healthy baby
  • Funeral expenses
  • Health club dues
  • Maternity clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Swimming lessons
  • Weight loss programs not prescribed to treat a specific disease

Generally, you can't use your HSA to pay for health insurance premiums. But there are exceptions. You can use your HSA for health plan premiums if:

  • You are receiving federal or state unemployment benefits
  • You have COBRA continuation coverage
  • You have eligible long-term care insurance
  • You are enrolled in Medicare

Money Market Account

With the Money Market Account you get a stellar interest rate with the added benefits of a checking account. 
Balances of $2,500 or higher receive:
  • Competitive Interest Rate Compounded Daily
  • Monthly Service Charge Waived
  • No Per Debit Fees
Balances under $2,500 receive:
  • $10 Monthly Service Charge
  • $0.20 Per Debit Fee

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are a great way to save for retirement while saving money or income taxes. 

Make deposit any time, in a lump sum or in smaller amounts. Invest in your future while taking advantage of tax benefits today or defer your tax benefits until later. 

  • Traditional and Roth IRAs
  • Multiple Deposits Available
  • Unlimited Online Banking
  • Interest Compounded Daily and Paid Quarterly
  • Possible Tax Benefits*
  • FDIC Insured

*Consult a tax professional. 

Certificates of Deposit

Cross Keys Bank offers a variety of Certificates of Deposit (CDs) from three months to five years. 

With short-term or long-term options, you get a competitive interest rate and guaranteed returns. It's a great way to make the most of your money. Your rate is locked in for the length of the term and your money is FDIC insured. 

  • Competitive, Fixed Interest Rates
  • Terms from 3 Months to 5 Years
  • Interest Compounded Daily
  • FDIC Insured
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Mobile Check Deposits

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