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Debit Cards

Visa Debit Card

Simplify your life with the Cross Keys Bank Visa Debit Card. 

Use your Visa® Debit Card to pay for purchases at millions of locations where Visa is accepted. Get cash at thousands of ATM locations where Visa is accepted.

Check out the benefits of having a CKB Visa Debit Card:
  • The money gets automatically debited from your Cross Keys Bank checking account 
  • Purchases and withdrawals are recorded on your account statement by individual card number.
  • Pay no annual or monthly fees
  • Access up to $500 a day at the ATM and spend up to $2,000 a day on debit purchases*
  • Enroll for SecurLOCK Equip to control your debit card directly from your smartphone

*Limits can be temporarily raised for large withdrawals and purchases by calling your local branch.

Health Saving Account Debit Card

With your Cross Keys Bank Health Savings Account Visa Debit Card as long as there's enough money in your account, you can use your card to pay for qualified medical expenses.
Using Your Card 

Activate your card when you receive it – it will arrive in the mail 7 to 10 days after your HSA is opened. Once it's activated, you can use your Visa Debit Card three ways:

  • Pay for doctor's office visits at the time of the appointment or for qualified items at the pharmacy or other retailer.
  • Write in your card information when you get a bill if the biller accepts cards with the Visa acceptance mark.
  • Withdraw cash from an ATM to reimburse yourself for expenses you paid for out-of-pocket.**

**There is a $1.00 ATM withdrawal fee for non-CKB ATMs. Access fees may also be charged by the ATM owner.


Activate Your CKB Visa Debit Card by calling 1-866-633-5293 from a phone number on file with the bank.

Disputed Charges

If you would like to dispute charges on your card, please call your local branch or submit a secure message via Online Banking. Common reasons for disputed charges include:

  • Your card was stolen and used for unauthorized purchases.
  • The charges on your statement differ from what was billed by the doctor office, pharmacy or other merchant.
  • You did not receive the products or services you purchased with your card.

Lost or Stolen Card

If you think your Cross Keys Bank Debit Card has been lost or stolen, please let us know immediately. During business hours call the main branch at (318) 766-3246 or (888) 766-3246. After business hours and on weekends, call (800) 500-1044.

If you think your Cross Keys Bank Credit Card has been lost or stolen, please notify the card issuer immediately. Anytime, call (800) 367-7576.


Q: Are there daily monetary limits my debit card?
A: Yes, the standard daily limits for debit cards are $500.00 ATM Cash Withdrawal and $2000.00 Point of Sale. 

Q: How can I increase my debit card limits?
A: Limits can be temporarily raised for large withdrawals and purchases by calling 1-888-766-3246, by contacting your local branch or submitting a Secure Message via Online Banking.

Q: What is the best way to monitor and control my debit debit card?
A: Install our SecurLOCK Equip App (Apple and Android). This app allows you to take control of your debit card directly from your smartphone. Left your card at a store, simply log into the app and lock our card until you can pick it up. Providing a debit card to high school or college students, setup alerts and monitor transactions directly from the app. Do you have employees that need cards but don't want the risk of the cards being used all of the time, set the cards to off until you approve a purchase. 

Q: Why would my debit card be declined at a merchant?
A: You can be declined for multiple reasons. If you exceed your daily limit or you do not use the address and zip code associated with the account. You are attempting to make a purchase in a foreign country via Internet or Phone. You have not responded to a SecurLOCK Fraud text, email or call.

Q: What are SecurLOCK Fraud Alerts?
A: Cross Keys Bank utilizes a fraud detection system called SecurLOCK. You may receive an SMS text, email or phone call from a toll free number. SecurLOCK Fraud will identify themselves as Cross Keys Bank and ask you to verify transactions made on your Cross Keys Bank Debit Card. You may receive a text, e-mail, voicemail and a letter in the mail. If you do not answer calls from SecurLOCK Fraud your debit card may be temporarily blocked until the transactions can be verified. Please click here for detailed SecurLOCK information.

Q: What is SecurLOCK Equip?
A: A free App that can be installed on your smartphone (Apple or Android) that will allow you to control your debit card with the touch of your finger. With SecurLOCK Equip, you are able to download a free app that will allow you to manage your own preferences. Want to restrict your card from being used for Internet purchases? Done. Want to set dollar limits? Done. Want to restrict use outside a certain region? Done. Want to restrict use from certain types of merchants? Done. Want to block all usage because you misplaced your card? Done. Want to restore usage because you found your card? Done.

Q: Should I alert Cross Keys Bank if I am traveling and plan on using my debit card?
A: Please let CKB know if you plan on traveling and will be using your debit card. If CKB knows when and where you are traveling then it will help Falcon Fraud Watch calling to verify transactions.

Debit Card Travel Alert

Q: How do I request a new Personal Identification Number (PIN)?
If you should forget or lose your PIN and need a new PIN number, please contact us immediately at 1-888-766-3246 or visit your local branch.

Q: My debit card is going to expire soon. Do I need to do anything?
A: You should receive your new debit card in the mail about two weeks before your current card expires. Your current card is good through the last day of the expiration month that appears on the front of your card. If you do not receive your new card please call us at 1-888-766-3246.

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