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My Spendable Balance

My Spendable Balance

  • Using the upgraded Spendable Balance you can know…
    • How much can I safely spend out of my primary account right now and not impact scheduled bill payments
    • Can I afford a night out
  • With automatic categorization of each transaction and My Spending alerts you can know…
    • How much have I spent on groceries, restaurants, entertainment this week
    • Am I about to go over my monthly restaurant or shopping limit
    • How much have I spent overall other than my regular expenses
    • What store was that specific transaction for
  • With the new My Spending Overview you can know…
    • How many times did I go to my favorite restaurant last month
    • How much money came in and how much went out during the last month
    • What's my average monthly spending on things such as shopping and groceries
my spending
my spending

Mange All of Your Finances in One Place

Your Digital Banking Home page becomes your "home base" for seeing ALL your financial institution accounts - those with us and those accounts you have with other financial institutions including check, savings, credit cards, etc. Your aggregated accounts at other financial institutions will automatically display on the Home Page along with your accounts with us.

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My Spending