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Online Banking 

Access your money anytime, anywhere. 

With Online Banking, you never have to worry about what time the bank closes again. Use this convenient service to transfer funds, check balances, and see up to the minute transaction records. It's completely secure so your account information is safe. 

Do your banking on your time, when it's convenient to you. It's easy with Online Banking.

  • View account balances in real time*
  • Transfer funds (one time or recurring)
  • Securely communicate with Customer Support
  • Setup Account Balance Alerts (email or SMS text message)
  • View front and back of checks and deposit slips
  • Setup External Transfers to access money at other Financial Institutions
  • Access account history for up to 24 months
  • Check Register feature allows you to assign categories and edit descriptions on transactions. 
  • Download transaction history (including category information) to financial software programs (Sage, QuickBooks, BAI2, Quicken, Xero, or Excel)
  • Enroll for eStatements and enjoy the convenience of going paperless
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Future View allows you to see 
  • Loan Payments
  • Update Contact Information
  • Submit a Stop Payment request

*Unprocessed debit card transactions may not be reflected in your balance. You may have issued some checks, have additional purchases or made additional transactions which are not reflected in your balance. A portion of your balance may not be available for immediate withdrawal.

Online Billpay

Never bother with stamps or trips to the post office again. Save time and money by consolidating all your bills to one site and paying them electronically. You can send secure payments to utility companies, retailers, and family members -- anyone you would normally send a paper check. 

With only a few clicks, you can set up payments to be delivered when you schedule them. You'll never have to worry about missing a payment again. 

  • Save time and money
  • Easy to use
  • Encrypted software protects your accounts
  • Schedule recurring and one-time bill payments
  • Set up payment reminders
  • View payment histories
$5.00 monthly charge includes up to 10 payments per month. $.50 for each additional payment per month.
How do I activate Online Bill Pay?

You will be given the opportunity to enroll in Online Bill Pay when you enroll in Online Banking. If you choose not to enroll in Online Bill Pay at that time, you can add Online Bill Pay at any time by selecting Add/View Account Services from the User Services menu from the top navigation panel after you're logged in to Online Banking. Select the Actions button next to the account you wish to Add. Click the Edit link. Select the radio button Basic with Bill Pay and click the Submit button.

Payment Guarantee

We will reimburse you up to $50 per payment for any late payment fees or penalties you are charged as a result of the Payee/Biller not receiving a payment by the due date if all the following apply:

  • If you scheduled the payment to be sent on a scheduled payment date with sufficient lead time in advance of the payment due date, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the service.
  • If correct information was provided to us about the payee/biller (name, address, account number and amount).
  • If your account had sufficient funds to complete the payment on the scheduled payment date.
  • If the payee/biller was a business.
  • If the payee/biller assessed late payment fees or penalties due to the delay of this payment.
  • If you did not receive notice from us, our service provider, or the payee at least 10 days prior to your scheduled payment that would have alerted you to a problem processing payments from our Service.

Checking Account Fees

Business Checking: $5.00 monthly charge includes up to 10 payments per month. $.50 for each additional payment per month

Small Business Checking: $5.00 monthly charge includes up to 10 payments per month. $.50 for each additional payment per month

Only available for Single Sign On Users. Multiple Users cannot view the same Bill Payment information.


Need to make sure a check or automatic loan payment is covered? 

Easily transfer funds online between Cross Keys Bank accounts. You can also transfer funds to and from external accounts (accounts outside of Cross Keys Bank). 

Creating a transfer is easy with CKB Online Banking. Simply choose the account you would like to transfer from and the account you would like to transfer to from the dropdown boxes on the screen. All your eligible accounts will be in the dropdown boxes. Once you have the accounts chosen, simply key in the amount you would like to transfer and the date you would like the transfer to take place.

Set up recurring or future-dated transfers: You can schedule future-dated transfers between your CKB accounts up to a year in advance. Recurring transfers can be made at regular intervals, such as once a week, once a month, every three months and more. There are some limitations to the types of accounts available for recurring or future-dated transfers.

Can I delete a same-day transfer? Because same-day transfers are immediately reflected in your available balance, you are unable to cancel a same-day transfer. If you entered the wrong amount or no longer want the funds transferred, you will need to enter another transfer for the same amount in the opposite direction or contact the bank.

External Transfers

Transfer funds between Cross Keys Bank and other financial institutions.

With external transfers, you can easily and securely move funds between your Cross Keys Bank personal checking, savings, and money market accounts and your accounts at other financial institutions in the United States.

Just as with transfers between your Cross Keys Bank accounts, you can set up a one-time external transfer, or schedule a recurring external transfer. Fees associated with external transfers are listed below.

Transfer Fees

  • From your Cross Keys Bank Account (Outgoing): $1.00 per transaction
  • To your Cross Keys Bank Account (Incoming): Transactions are FREE


Eliminate organizing bank statements while keeping them easily accessible -- with eStatements, you can receive your statements electronically each month. 

eStatements look just the same, but you will receive them sooner than traditional mailed statements and without risking them being lost or stolen from your mailbox. They're accessible anytime, and since they're online you don't have to keep them organized. Not to mention you're helping save a tree -- it's the eco-friendly way to go.

When you opt in for eStatements you will automatically receive eNotices as well. This includes Overdraft Notices and Insufficient Funds Notices. Electronic Notices are delivered directly to your Online Banking without the delay from the post office. Due to security concerns you are alerted of the arrival of eNotices via email but you can only view the notice by logging into your Online Banking. 

You cannot view eStatements or eNotices via Mobile Banking.

Notify Me Alerts

The Notify Me Alerts feature allows you to receive email and text notifications of important account related, security related activities and messages.

  • Setup text or email alerts on all of your CKB Accounts
  • Receive an alert with your balance daily
  • Be alerted when your balance drops below a certain amount**
  • Have CKB alert you when a deposit is made**

**Unprocessed debit card transactions may not be reflected in your balance. You may have issued some checks, have additional purchases or made additional transactions which are not reflected in your balance

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking gives you secure on-the-go management of your accounts, so you can check balances, transfer funds, get account updates and even deposit checks. Use the app to find a branch or ATM and even get driving directions.

Bank by phone app, tablet app, text banking or mobile browser - anywhere, any time and any way you want.

With Cross Keys Bank Mobile Apps, you can complete a full range of banking transactions all from the convenience of your iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet or Kindle Fire. Simply download the mobile app and log in with your Cross Keys Bank Online Banking User ID and password.

The CKB Mobile App Allows You To:

  • Check balances
  • Check transaction history
  • Check account details
  • Make loan payments
  • Pay a bill
  • Transfer money
  • Check payment history
  • Mobile check deposit^
  • Find Branch and ATM details

^Deposit checks up to $25,000.00. Dependent upon the autofocus capabilities of the device camera.

Choose Your Device:

  • iPhone App
  • Android Phone App
  • Mobile Browser (Windows Phone, Blackberry)
  • Text Banking (any phone with SMS)
  • iPad App
  • Android Tablet App
  • Kindle App

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